Liquid biopsies represent one of the most transformational innovations in oncology

With 1 in 3 people likely to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and the rapid evolution of precision oncology and related personalized treatments, cancer requires to be swiftly analyzed on a molecular level and matched with the best therapy options, to ultimately improve patients outcomes and experiences.

Tumor alterations need to be analysed on a molecular level to be matched with the best personalized therapies

Liquid-biopsy based tumor profiling, which significantly reduces the risk of complications for the patient, represents a highly convenient, non-invasive way, to capture a tumor's molecular make-up, its spatial and temporal heterogeneity, and burden via ctDNA analysis in the bloodstream. Easily repeatable, ctDNA-based liquid biopsy allows for real-time assessment of a tumor evolution, capturing clonal evolution and resistance mutations within a short turnaround time.

Liquid biopsy enables the identification of personalized treatments based on tumor's ctDNA analysis in the bloodstream

Every patient—and every tumor—is unique. Treatment options should be, too.

Enabling personalized therapy

Through liquid biopsies, personalized treatments can be administered to patients based on the specific tumor’s molecular makeup.

Treating at the speed of cancer

Liquid biopsies uncover important information timely in a tumor’s growth, within a short turnaround time, allowing physicians to administer treatment when it matters most.

Bringing hope for more patients

Each individual patient goes through a different journey. With just a simple blood draw, liquid biopsies make further outcome improvement possible.

How Hedera Dx supports the lab

Implement liquid biopsies in your lab with our ctDNA assay to be used as an in-house IVD together with a registered CE-IVD medical device software, Hedera Prime

CE-IVDR Compliant

Hedera Prime software is a registered CE-IVD medical device to be used together with our assay and enabling you to run somatic NGS tests in-house, without compliance hurdles.

Implementation within 8 weeks

We provide all of the reagent kits, software and support needed to set up, validate and run liquid biopsies on clinical routine samples, with implementation taking less than 2 months.

Easy to scale

Hedera Prime software allows you to easily scale up somatic NGS tests volumes by dramatically saving time on each report.

Seamless workflow integration

Hedera Prime software, with our assay, is designed to fit smoothly into your existing laboratory setting so you can run tests quickly and efficiently.

Identifying regulatory approved therapy options

Our report associates a tumor's gene alterations with FDA/EMA approved therapy options to identify potentially effective and ineffective therapies.

Comprehensive validation support provided

We provide a validation service, documentation support and resource offerings to your lab so that you can run liquid biopsy in compliance with the IVDR.

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How Hedera Dx supports the physician

Provide your patients with more therapy options using a simple blood draw

From sample-to-report in 5 calendar days

Hedera Dx helps your local laboratory run IVDR-compliant liquid biopsies in-house, with a quick turnaround time that expedites timely treatment decisions.

Reduces unnecessary treatment

Based on the detected gene alterations of a tumor, we identify which therapy will potentially be effective or ineffective on an individual basis.

High detection performance

Gene alterations are detected with high sensitivity, specificity and accuracy.

Regulatory approved therapy options

Our report associates the gene alterations of a tumor with regulatory-approved therapy options for optimal actionability.

Complementary to tissue biopsy

Liquid biopsy complements tissue biopsy as a non-invasive testing option, capturing tumor heterogeneity that can enhance diagnostic and monitoring capabilities for improved patient outcomes.

First Decentralized Clinical Validation

Part of a broader landmark clinicogenomics evidence generation program, EMPATHY NSCLC will contribute to growing the body of clinical evidence for in-house NGS-based liquid biopsies in cancer care as the first European, Prospective, Multicenter Clinical Validation and Real-World Utility Study.

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How Hedera Dx supports the patient

Liquid biopsies enable personalized and timely identification of more therapy options, for more patients

What are the benefits of liquid biopsies?

As cancer treatments become more personalized, targeted, and effective, it is increasingly essential to understand the specific molecular make-up of a tumor to allow physicians to create an optimal treatment plan.

Born to simplify cancer diagnostics, Hedera Dx is committed to developing liquid biopsy solutions that provide pathologists and physicians with the information they need to find the best therapies to each individual patient's unique tumor.

Simple procedure

A simple blood draw is all that is needed to analyze a patient’s tumor.

Comprehensive insights

Liquid biopsies enable pathologists and physicians to know the molecular make up of a tumor, how efficiently to treat it and how quickly it is evolving or disappearing.

Therapy options

Patients can be offered effective therapies personalized to their unique tumor, ultimately improving their outcomes and Quality of Life throughout the course of the disease.

What are liquid biopsies?

When a patient is at risk of cancer or has been diagnosed with it, liquid biopsies collect DNA from the tumor that is circulating in blood so the physician can:


The type, tissue origin, and severity of the cancer 


Therapies that would potentially be effective or ineffective 


Therapy options linked to the patient's tumor alterations


Tumor response to treatment to identify/diagnose a relapse or remission

Usually, patients must undergo surgery or a punch for a piece of the tumor to be collected, analyzed and matched to a therapy, but with liquid biopsies, all the physician needs to obtain is the tumor’s DNA via a simple blood draw. This is because tumors release ctDNA, or circulating tumor DNA, into the bloodstream and this ctDNA reflects the tumor itself and allows to identify which resulting molecular pathway we can efficiently target with the newest oncology therapies. 

How it works

Hedera Dx has developed myHedera, a clinical app dedicated to ease Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) as well as Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) regarding Quality of Life, physical and psychological well-being, and satisfaction with diagnostic procedures, therapeutics, and general cancer-related care.

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