Liquid biopsies provide more therapy options for more patients

Hedera Dx’s liquid biopsy solution will radically streamline tumor profiling, enabling hospital labs to run clinically actionable liquid biopsies in-house.

With a simple blood test, liquid biopsies profile circulating tumor DNA

Insights from circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) found in the blood enable a more personalized treatment plan for a better outcome.

Woman with illustration of lung overlay showing tumor

However, adoption is difficult and reporting is time consuming with existing liquid biopsy solutions

IVD compliance, privacy infrastructure, and validation are challenging to achieve, and even if these obstacles are overcome, existing software workflows are inefficient to run and lack essential features.

liquid biopsy solution will expand treatment options for patients — without the hurdles

Our solution integrates swiftly into your existing laboratory setting with unrivaled simplicity.

How it works

A radically streamlined biopsy process

Blood draw

If a physician determines that a liquid biopsy is needed to find the best treatment option for their patient, a simple blood draw is ordered.


After the patient’s blood sample is sent to the lab, ctDNA is extracted from the plasma and sequenced.

Clinical report

Using our platform, a report is generated that matches EMA-approved therapies to the patient’s tumor ctDNA sequence.

Therapy options

The physician and the patient discuss the report results and determine the best path forward for treatment.

Clinical applications of ctDNA-based liquid biopsies for patients with cancer are broad

Hedera Dx will be launching its first solution for biomarkers-guided  treatment selection in advanced disease.

a chart describing the early and advanced stages of cancer.


We’re united by a vision to make liquid biopsies globally accessible for patients

1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Hedera Dx was born to provide life-saving information for cancer patients when it matters most.

Tommi Lehtonen. CEO, Co-founder

Tommi Lehtonen

CEO, Co-founder

Tommi Lehtonen

CEO, Co-founder

An experienced genetics entrepreneur who previously co-founded and grew Blueprint Genetics into a global provider of genetic testing for hereditary and rare diseases. Prior to Hedera Dx, Tommi led the Specialty Genetics clinical franchise at Quest Diagnostics as VP/GM.

Damien Lapray. CCO, Co-founder, PhD

Damien Lapray

CCO, Co-founder, PhD

Damien Lapray

CCO, Co-founder, PhD

Deeply rooted in the hospital laboratory world, Damien was previously the long-standing CCO of Sophia Genetics, growing and managing the entire commercial operation and working broadly with the genetics community globally.

Christian Meisel. CMO, Co-founder, MD PhD

Christian Meisel

CMO, Co-founder, MD PhD

Christian Meisel

CMO, Co-founder, MD PhD

Christian has a 20-year+ career in oncology as a physician and from various senior roles at Roche, leading Oncology Biomarkers, Translational Medicine and Personalized Healthcare, and helping cancer patients as the CMO of Molecular Health.

Valentin Matillon. CFO

Valentin Matillon


Valentin Matillon


Seasoned finance executive with a genetics background, previously as CBO of a colon cancer screening startup Novigenix and prior to that having the role as the long-standing CFO of Sophia Genetics.


Our team is helping more patients have better outcomes by making liquid biopsies a reality in clinical practice.

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