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Clinical Evidence Generation

Hedera Frame is a global, prospective, patient centric, clinical evidence data hub created by Hedera Dx in collaboration with precision oncology experts from leading cancer centers as well as core patient organizations. It gathers clinical information, tumor genomics data and resulting outcomes from patients coping with solid tumors who have undergone Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based molecular testing. By ensuring reference quality for computational methods, to ultimately aid the advancement of agile, Real-World Evidence based clinical trials, it contributes to developing the next generation of tumor biomarkers and related groundbreaking therapies, with the aim of enhancing the lives and well-being of cancer patients.

Empowering multicenter collaboration and local research

With the goal of fostering collaborations across centers and investigators, generating valuable clinical insights, and delivering high-quality Real-World Evidence to advance our knowledge of precision oncology, researchers, healthcare professionals and patients will gain a deeper understanding of how specific genetic characteristics of a tumor may influence its behavior and response to treatment. The resulting knowledge will be accessible to investigators for their own research and will help further guide personalized and targeted approaches to cancer care, leading to more effective treatment strategies tailored to individual patients.

Revolutionizing Global Liquid Biopsy Data collection for better Personalized Care

Hedera Frame aims to establish itself as the largest global liquid biopsy data collection, gathering longitudinal clinicogenomics data not only from clinical trials but also in real-world settings from both cancer patients and investigators. Patients will indeed play a pivotal role in shaping their own outcomes and experiences by actively participating in a global program that leverages the power of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) and Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs). This transformative initiative aims to place patients at the center of their own care and foster a collaborative relationship between healthcare providers, patient groups and individuals, leading to better care and meaningful advancements in healthcare practices.

Participating Centers

10+ centers

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H1 2024

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EMPATHY NSCLC is the first large study contributing to grow the body of clinicogenomics evidence gathered in Hedera Frame.


Multicenter Clinical Validation and Real-World Utility Study

EMPATHY NSCLC (European Molecular PlasmA profiling liquid-biopsy program in THE NSCLC patients), is the first Prospective Clinical Validation and Real-World utility study for the European, NGS-based decentralized liquid biopsy approach, enabling prospective Real-World assessment of current ctDNA-based liquid biopsies practices in hospital laboratories across a dozen of leading European cancer centers. In addition, it represents the first asset of a larger, pan-cancer longitudinal clinicogenomics evidence aiming at collecting real-life testing patterns with liquid biopsies, to ultimately unleash the potential of this highly promising technology and develop the next generation of breakthrough personalized therapies.

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Through strategic partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies and the supply of comprehensive liquid biopsy solutions, Hedera Dx aims at transforming oncology R&D

By harnessing the power of our clinicogenomics evidence and tapping into our deep clinical expertise, we generate unique prospective outcomes that drive advancements in precision medicine. Our collaborative efforts encompass a range of offerings, including state-of-the-art software analysis, ctDNA assays, with full adherence to IVDR compliance.

Our partnerships offer the development of Real-World Evidence-based clinical trials

Leveraging our strong clinical expertise, we have undertaken groundbreaking initiatives such as EMPATHY NSCLC, the first prospective, multicenter clinical validation and Real-World utility study for liquid biopsy in the European decentralized approach. Our collaboration in multiple centers across Europe positions us well to foster collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies for the development of future non invasive, liquid-biopsy based, precision oncology therapeutics, contributing to providing more therapy options for more patients.

To enhance patient engagement, we have developed the myHedera app. This application enables patients to actively participate in their care by providing Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) and Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs).

At the core of our operational excellence, scalability and reproducibility are paramount. We prioritize reference quality for computational methods and data interoperability, ensuring seamless integration and utilization of valuable insights. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and robust clinical expertise drives our mission to transform oncology through the enablement of routine use of liquid biopsy solutions.